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Most frequently asked questions

Account information

Deposit and withdrawals

Login to your Client Area and request your withdrawal, providing all the required information.

You can also request your withdrawal from here

You can deposit funds via Visa/Master/Maestro cards, bank transfer or E-wallets. All deposit methods are available in your Client Area

The minimum deposit for Classic account is 100 USD/EUR

The minimum deposit for Pro account is 1000 USD/EUR

The minimum deposit for ECN account is 10,000 USD/EUR

In our Client Agreement under the Section 13. Deposits and Withdrawals you can find all the details about charges.

No, we do not accept broker to broker transfers. You can deposit funds in your trading account selecting the available deposit methods.

Unfortunately, Streams does not accept Broker to Broker funds transfers. You can deposit in your account via the deposit methods we offer

Upon the Company receiving an Instruction from the Client to Withdraw Funds from the Client Account, the Company shall pay the said amount within 10 Business Days, if the following requirements are met: a) the Withdrawal Instruction includes all necessary information; b) the Instruction is to make a Bank Transfer to the Account of the Client; and c) at the moment of Payment, the Client’s Free Margin exceeds the amount specified in the Withdrawal Instruction including all Payment Charges, and d) The Client’s identity is fully verified according to the AML requirements and the Company has all necessary documentation of the person submitting the request available. In certain instances, the Company reserves the right to request for additional documentation prior to proceeding with the withdrawal. In case the Client fails to provide the requested documentation the withdrawal might not be processed and referred to AML procedures.

Streams policy allow to request and process withdrawals via the same method you have used for your deposits. Upon request, we can send profits using a different payment method that must be under your name. We do not allow any third-party withdrawals.

Withdrawals are processed within no longer than 1 working day

Yes, however, when you request for a withdrawal, your free margin must surpass the amount specified in the withdrawal instruction including all payment charges. Free margin is calculated as equity minus the necessary margin. If the account does not have enough funds, the withdrawal request will not be processed until the correct form is submitted or the open positions are closed.

Trading conditions

We offer floating spreads for all account types – Classic, Pro and ECN.

Classic account: variable spreads starting from 1.6 pips with no commissions.

Pro account: variable spreads, starting from 1.1 pips with no commissions.

ECN account: variable spreads, starting from 0.3 pips with low commissions.

Market spreads may widen considerably at market opening and closing times and prior to announcements. Thus, you must ensure that you have adequate funds on your account to cover this possibility.

Streams offers more than 100 trading instruments all available in your Streams account. FX Pairs, Indices, Commodities, Shares and Crypto Currencies. Browse our Markets section on the website for more information about our products

When are swaps charged at a triple rate for currency pairs and metals?

For FX Pairs, Shares, Indices and Metals, the triple rate is charged on Wednesdays. For Energies, Crypto and Spot Index HK-50, triple rates are charged on Fridays.

Unfortunately, Streams does not provide Tick data since the MT4 platform is not able to store all ticks leading this data to be inaccurate

Streams covers the negative balance, to make sure that our clients do not lose more money than they put in.

Streams is a broker with a fully automated No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution model.

Slippage may occur depending on the market and volatility. The slippage can be both positive and negative.

At Streams, we clear our clients’ trades and retranslate quotes which we receive from our liquidity providers. In case of sharp movements in the market, slippage may occur. Note that during high volatility, the risk of slippage is significantly higher.


Hedging and scalping are both allowed if they are in line with our execution policy. The required margin for hedging positions on Classic, Pro, and ECN accounts is 0.

In case of sharp movements in the market, slippage may occur. Note that during high volatility, the risk of slippage is significantly higher.

Minimum trade size: 0.01 lot

Maximum trade size: 30 lots

In case of sharp movements in the market, slippage may occur. Note that during high volatility, the risk of slippage is significantly higher.

You can check all details related to the instruments we do offer in our Market section.

Streams is a NDD (Non Dealing Desk) broker, thus all our procedures are automated

For all our trading accounts, the Stop-Out level is 25%; Margin Call is set at 100%. Check the details of the Streams accounts here.

Streams offers USD and EUR for base currency accounts

The Metatrader 4 platform time zone is GMT +3 during Daylight Saving Time period (March-October) and GMT+2 during the rest of the year.

Metatrader 4

You can login to your trading account in your MT4 platform following the below steps:

- Open your MT4
- Click on “File”
- Select “Login to Trade Account”
- Enter your Account ID and password
- Select “Streams-Live” server
- Click “Login”

You can also trade from your mobile device and from the Gostreams Web trader. More information about our Trading platforms, can be obtained from the our Website

You can activate the Ask Line following the below steps in your MT4 platform:

- Click “Tools”

- Select “Options”

- In “Chart” section, you can tick Show Ask Line

SWAP rates are available on the website, in the Markets section

In your MT4 platform, you can right-click on any instrument and select the option “Show All”. All the available instruments will be visualized in your Market Watch.

A list of instruments offered at Streams can also be viewed on the Streams website, separated by the Securities; Forex, Indices, Commodities and Shares

You can download the MT4 platform from your Client Area by clicking on the tab “ Downloads” or from Platforms section on our website

You can open a Trade in multiple ways:

- Double click on the desired instrument in Market Watch

- Right-clicking on the desired instrument in the Market Watch and selecting “New Order”

- Click on “New Order” option in MT4 Toolbar

- Right-clicking on Trade Section in the Terminal and selecting “New Order”

- Right-clicking on the chart, selecting “Trading” and “New Order”

You can change the password of your trading account in your MT4 platform:

- In Navigator, under the Accounts section select the Is there any chance of changing the name of the server?
- Right-click on the trading account
- Select “Change Password”

You can also contact our Support Team on [email protected]

You can visualize the chart of an instrument following the below steps:

- In your MT4, from the Market watch you can drag the desired instrument in the right part of the platform

- In the Market Watch, right-clicking on the desired instrument and selecting “Chart Window”

You need to verify your internet connection, as the “No Connection” message is usually related to a loss in connection of the MT4 platform.

If your internet connection is ok, please login again in your trading account following the below steps:

- Click on “File”
- Select “Open an Account”
- Click “Scan” and then select the server Streams-Live
- Click Next
- Select “Existing trade account”
- Click “Finish”

If you are seeing “ No Connection” after the above step, please contact [email protected]

You need to login again in your trading account and be sure to enter the correct password. If you will still visualize the error message, please reset your password from your Client Area

For any further assistance needed, please contact [email protected]

No, the time in the MT4 platform can not be changed. It is based on GMT+3 Time zone during the Daylight Saving Time; GMT+2 during the rest of the year.

Partner with Streams

Partnership at Streams is a program we offer for our client referrals. We value the business that you bring and we offer you the opportunity to earn commission on the trading activities of your referrals.

Streams offers CPA, Hybrid, Rev share and many more. Contact us for more information about our partnership offers.

No limitations on monthly commissions. The more active your clients are in trading, the more you will earn.

Commissions are paid directly into your trading account. Can be traded and can also be withdrawn via the appropriate payment method.

Commissions are settled at the end of every month.

As our jurisdiction does not allow us to accept clients from every country, hence referrals from restricted countries will not be accepted. Your Partnership Manager at Streams shall provide you with further information.

Easy, send us an email to [email protected] and one of our Partnership Managers shall get in touch with you.


PAMM (Percentage allocation management module) is a trading system which is assembled by a pool of trading accounts of Investors. The manager can change the PAMM accounts in the portfolio and the proportion of funds invested in them. When investors receive profits, the manager receives a portion of these as remuneration.

All profits and losses are strictly distributed in direct proportion to the amount of funds invested.

The Account manager fees vary, depending on the trader, fees can start from 5%.

TInvestor may withdraw his or her profits before the agreed periodicity of Trading on the Account, but their maybe penalty fee set by the Account Manager.

Investors can fund their accounts while the PAMM is active, from their Client Area.

Streams does allow investors the use of robots of EAs (expert advisor) on the PAMM account

For anymore questions regarding our PAMM service, please contact us on [email protected]

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